Wednesday, January 11, 2006


It's a tricky line to walk: how do you make your money jiggling about in your pants for the lad's magazines while not having your grandparents think you're the kind of girl mothers warn boys about? For Girls Aloud, it's leading a complex double life, hiding things:

Kimberley Walsh said: "We are adults and our families are generally pretty cool about it, but sometimes bits have to be hidden from my grandma and grandad.

"There are certain things we don't want them to see."

Yeah, some of the album tracks were the sort of thing it's better for people who care about you to be spared from.

Cheryl Tweedy added: "I don't talk about my sex life, but it is a thing that we all do, it's normal. Obviously when it comes to your family, you are more sensitive about what they read and hear."

It must have been a pain having to get up, cut all the reports about the toilet attendant attack from the paper, and then go to face another day in court on top of that.

The band don't explain why, if what they're talking about is something they wouldn't share with those closest to them, they're comfortable sharing it with complete strangers in return for cash.

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