Wednesday, January 11, 2006


It was being shaped up as this year's Live8, but the planned Climate Change Now gig looks to be turning into a latter-day NetAid. On Monday night, a few more mid-ranking names (Embrace, Elbow) had been added to the bill and fans encouraged to get tickets for the Millennium Stadium event as soon as possible; last night, the whole thing was "postponed" without any explanation. There might be a clue in the Millennium Stadium's words:

Millennium Stadium chief executive Paul Sergeant added: "Whilst we acknowledge it is disappointing for those who have already bought tickets, if the event can be made bigger and better and attract more of the highest profile names in the music industry then it is the correct decision to make.

"Music lovers are assured the event will still take place at the Millennium Stadium and we're working with the event organisers to find a suitable date later in the year."

It's the words "bigger and better" that might be the clue - the top name on the bill this far has been The Strokes, which while holding out the prospect of a nice evening out would hardly have been likely to guarantee the global TV coverage they'd been looking for.

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