Wednesday, January 18, 2006


tatuHaven't Tatu already dumped their manager once? Only they've done it again, so grumpy at being booked on some sort of reality TV show they fired him on air.

Hang about... "reality TV show". Just a stunt, then.


Eyetie said...

That explains a lot. It probably started with "Let's get Tatu" and ended with "Let's get some tattooed beanpole."
DID YOU KNOW...Dennis has already won a reality show in the States? Check Wikipedia for details.

eyetie said...

On second thoughts, I can see the "brainstorming" session going along the lines of...

"Let's get Tatu"
"What about that guy off Fantasy Island?"
"What's Dennis Rodman wearing these days?"

Anonymous said...

Ummmm...actually, this is a really old story - they split from Shapovalov permanently in early 2004, after his idea of turning the recording of their second album into a reality show went pear-shaped, partly because he was doing too much of the Columbian marching powder, partly because he had this idea about launching a "Chechen suicide bomber"-style teenage singer called NATO.

Eleanor G (who knows far more about Tatu than she really ought to...)

Anonymous said...

The really disturbing thing is that Dennis Rodman won a reality tv show that required him to use his BRAIN. Oh "The Mole". How I do miss you.

simon h b said...


That's what I get for relying on the Daily Snack to be at least publishing fairly new stories.

but they'd already split from him before even that, hadn't they? Didn't they get back together with him?

Anonymous said...

No, I believe that was the one and only split. It was 2003 when they were in the UK charts, June 2003 they came to Japan and there was this big hoo-ha over their walkout from a live Japanese TV music show, which was apparently ordered by Shapovalov. They came to Japan again at the end of the same year and did two gigs, then went back to Russia. The "Tatu in Podnebesnaya" show started airing in January 2004, but turned into a total flop. And by April 2004, various news stories were beginning to emerge that they'd found a new manager. There were various rumours after that (with different people being mentioned as managers), but no hint of a reconciliation with Shapovalov.

For a duo with a relatively small body of work, they've certainly generated a *lot* of column inches in the press around the world. The story in the Daily Snack also appeared in the Mirror on Jan 13th (whereupon Tatu forum members chorused "2 years late or what?!") I guess it was a slow news day...

See, told you I knew more about this than I ought to :-)

Eleanor G

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