Wednesday, January 18, 2006


We're losing track of if the current line is that Courtney was pregnant with Steve Coogan's baby, or wasn't, or had it aborted, or had the child and gave it to a family in Kansas to raise unaware of its mystical status until his eighteenth birthday, when his destiny was revealed. Steve Coogan has, erm, cleared it up for us:

"The story that went around about Courtney being pregnant with my baby was 80 per cent false and 20 per cent true.

"I'll leave which is which up to your imagination."

Oh, Steve, don't do that; our imagination is coming up with "It was either Steve's, or Fredrico's, or Terry's, or the bloke's who came to fix the air conditioning." And we're sure that's not what you mean.

Apparently, Steve says Courtney still sends emails "all the time". Do you want us to show you how to set up a filter to avoid that, Steve?


Anonymous said...

"Courtney and I are friends and we email all the time."

But maybe not to each other?

Syd said...

Maybe it is Alan Partrige's baby?

karl said...

You know, Courtney used to regularly post on Compuserve, back in the day. As you might imagine, her prose style veered between the 'Pete Doherty' and 'shopping centre tramp who shouts at the litter bins' points on the coherancy scale.
Maybe she is indeed e-mailing him but he's been unable to decipher it?

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