Wednesday, January 18, 2006


The Uses of LiteracyThere's no reason to assume that Victoria Beckham's planned book will be an affront to literature and make Lotsa Da Casha look like Melvyn Bragg; and it would be wrong to assume that Posh is planning to write a kid's book because she can get away with smaller words, fewer of them, and fill the pages up with pictures. (We're not actually sure that Beckham knows there are books that don't have ten words on the lefthand page and a drawing of a doggy or a bunny on the right.) No, the words to chill the blood are that she's writing a book "to tie in with her children's clothes range.

Ha, in your face, Richard Hoggart - I think you might have missed off "flogging hooker clothes to six year-olds" as one of your uses for reading.

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Bo said...

That's one of the best jokes for ages in a consistently funny blog. Keep up the outstanding work!

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