Wednesday, January 18, 2006


50 Cent must have a strange idea of what friends are like, as he thinks that Eminem is a buddy for telling him not to do the movie:

"Two weeks before filming he calls me and says: ‘They told me you’re going to do a movie?’ and I said: ‘Yeah they told me you said it was a good idea.’

"And he says: ‘And you went for that?’ He told me: ‘You’ll be there for three months, on set for hours, maybe 16 hours a day sometimes and they’ll say: 'Oh 50 can you make us an incredible record while you do that too?' so you’ll be writing all the time…I don’t know why you did that.’

"So after that I was wondering what I’d signed up to."

After filming had started, Eminem called up again and said he was only messing, and he and 50 had a right old laugh.

The important thing to note, though, is that Eminem didn't say "I was just mucking about" until after it was clear 50 Cent was going to make the movie anyway.

It doesn't mean that Eminem hates 50 Cent, of course - it could just be he loves the cinema.

Meanwhile, Centy says that he has no problem with nudity in the movie - in fact, he wanted more:

"When it came to do the love scene I was OK because I had already done the shower scene," he added.

"But then they told me I had to put something on, I didn’t know, so I had to put a sock on."

You'll note he doesn't say if it was one of those ankle-high ones or a football sock.

He's also argued, half convincingly, that there are double standards at play when people complain about him waving guns about in movie posters:

“Using guns or weapons to market a film is not unusual,” he said. “You know what the logo for 007 is. You’ve seen Rambo and Terminator. It’s part of entertainment. It’s just when they see me they say there’s something wrong with it.”

Up to a point, Lord Fifty. The problem, of course, is in the blase "it's part of entertainment" and, more crucially, in James Bond and Cyborgs from the future being clearly grounded in a fantasy world, while your film is based on you, and your image, which is nothing without its links to the real world. As far as we know, Roger Moore has never gone around talking about how much he loves it that he's been shot.

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