Monday, January 30, 2006


The non-appearance of Pete Doherty at an appointment is barely news these days; being banged up on drugs charges meant he wasn't able to do his cameo for Mike Skinner during a Streets video shoot at the weekend.

In the Guardian at the weekend, a Babyshambles site editor suggested that it was unfair that Pete got arrested so many times - "it's like they're targetting him" she said, and she might have a point. On the other hand, if you have a public profile and it seems that every time you pass a cop he'll have a quick rummage in your greatcoat pockets, you might think you'd do well to just check you don't have any smack crammed in there before you nip out down the 24 Hour garage.

Amusingly, Doherty claims the second (or was it third?) arrest the other day was unfair - he admits he had drucks in his pocket, but reckons he'd had them when he was arrested the first time: the police had missed them when they searched him that time and sent him on his way with his wrap intact. Of course, if that is true, and the police are boosting their clear-up rates by simply arresting Doherty time and time again, it might be that they didn't miss the drugs at all - but it's a big "of course", and comes down to if you want to put your faith in the Met Police or Pete Doherty. Not an easy choice, is it?