Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Despite Louis Walsh's assurances to the contrary, Ronan Keating has not made it up with him.

Made what up? Oh, some sort of spat that resulted from when Ronan suddenly realised that since he had no real talent and that had never held him back, he didn't really need to pay Louis to manage that lack of talent.

Ronan manintains that Louis tried to ruin him, like a fallen woman in Victorian melodrama:

"I have no respect for him, he tried to absolutely ruin my career. He was jealous.

"I had to sack him because he wouldn't manage me. He hurt me all right."

Ronan, 28, added: "He's trying to make up with me because he wants Boyzone to get back together.

"He says in the papers: "Oh, Ronan and I shook hands" but its bullshit. He is very controlling and wants to have everything."

The Press Gazette gave Louis a right of reply, and his reply was:

"I'm not going to waste any more time on him and his comments."

But maybe Louis really did set out to ruin Ronan's career, and he's just being modest.

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Anonymous said...

Our man Ronan is still alive and well and being paid - why? Is there any way we can help Louis out here on his mission?

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