Wednesday, February 15, 2006


We've just had an amusing email from James Waterson, which we think he won't mind if we share with you:

Just thought you might like to know how well the public education slant of the BPI's activities with regards to downloading are going. Listening to Chris Moyles for a few minutes this morning (look, I can't get 6music at the moment) he went off on one of his 'humorous' rambling monologues covering the BBCs inability to find a few old Rolling Stones tracks and general abuse of his colleagues.

However upon mentioning that he had to go home and buy the track on iTunes music store he suddenly panicked and added a disclaimer that "downloading is bad, killing music, we can do it as a radio station, etc..." before quickly moving on

Good to know that one of the top 5 radio presenters in the country still hasn't got the idea...

Of course, if the BPI have their way, there'd probably be a show trial over several days. Still, at least it'd get Moyles back on the tv, so it wouldn't be all bad for him...

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