Thursday, February 02, 2006


Madonna is well known for getting close to firm young bodies and sucking their life-force out of them. For example, there was that MTV Awards show where everyone thought she was snogging Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears, but actually she was sucking out their inner organs to try and hold back the march of time's cruel sarcasm. It will be noted, of course, that Brit and Xtina have been but shadows of their earlier selves since that time. Likewise, of course, Madonna's collaboration with William Orbit - he came home minus a spleen and hasn't gone out much; she was seen walking away from the studio wiping her mouth and cackling.

Oh yes, getting an answerphone message "Hi, it's one of Madonna's people... fancy working together?" should make you feel like a prime beef cow who has just seen the farmer consulting one of those posters with all the cuts on them. However, we do wonder if Maddy has met her match this time, as she's lined up to appear with the Gorillaz at the Grammys.

Does she not know they're cartoons? There's nothing to feast on here, Madonna...


Eyetie said...

Far from it. If she steals the very essence of Gorillaz, she will soon be a comical 2-dimensional facsimile of a 90s star lip-synching to her own flavour of R&B-lite.


And I prefer the flipside of Gorillaz that is Deltron 3030 (pretty much the same performers but oh-so-much better...)

Rachel said...

Spleen or will to live?

Eyetie said...

If they had any will to live, they wouldn't be with Madonna. Does this mean one of the cartoons will get a snog? Or will she take it further (in the interests of art, naturally)?

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