Thursday, February 02, 2006


They haven't seen it yet, but that hasn't stopped the venerable Donald R Wildmon and his crazy American Family Association getting all fuming and brimstoney about the planned appearance of Britney Spears on Will & Grace. No, we thought at first that it was because they think she's a rubbish actress and still had nightmares "about the Madonna one," but it's actually because it's mocking the crucifixion. They reckon:

To further denigrate Christianity, NBC chose to air it the night before Good Friday.

Now, I'm not a Christian myself, but even I know enough that "the night before Good Friday" is actually called Maundy Thursday. You'd have thought someone who took themselves so very, very seriously might know that as well.

Once again, though, it seems that what really upsets the AFA is that, well, clearly NBC is picking on them:

NBC does not treat Jews, Muslims or other religions with such disrespect. Yet the network demonstrates a deep of hostility toward followers of Christ.

That's it - NBC is positively Satanic, isn't it? We've all seen Leno's chin - is that the chin of a Godly Man?

Perhaps the AFA would like to make a protest in a more positive way - rather than all this "look at me! I'm so wounded" showboating, why not simply post a page saying "We don't think this is funny; as a protest when the show is airing we encourage all our supporters to turn off their televisions and go and do some voluntary work in their community - fetch some shopping for an elderly neighbour; do a litter-pick; smite some heathens." You can't help but feel this "print off a pdf and send it to NBC" campaign has less to do with anyone taking offence at a gentle play on words, and more about getting the name of Donald E Wildmon into as many TV shows and newspapers as possible. As we say, we're not Christians, but we've read that book they like, and we remember Jesus doing a lot positive things to improve people's lives - not so big with the petitions and email chain-letters.


Anonymous said...

More cynical souls than Wildmon could see the Britney storyline as a paean to the Christian viewers. Even the godawful pun "Cruci fixins" used in the show is not blasphemous.

Would any other religion get a look-in to the same extent? And would Britney get involved if she thought she would be p*ssing off middle America?

Greg Kendall-Ball said...

Great thoughts, and great suggestions. I guess the AFA, instead of being the service-oriented types are the "dammit, we're gonna watch t.v. on a Friday night, so make sure there's not anti-Christian propaganda ruining our evening" types.

Glad you picked up on this!


The Everyday Blues said...
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The Everyday Blues said...
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The Everyday Blues said...

My thoughts on this here:

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