Thursday, February 02, 2006


... not any more. Although the current incarnation of Nick Logan's brilliant idea is but a shadow of itself during the Mark Ellen era, and it's come to be little more than a byword for all that's wrong with pop, there can't be a music fan who grew up in the 80s or beyond who doesn't have a small store of affection for Smash Hits, and will be feeling some sadness that the fortnightly pop bible is to close.

Sickeningly, EMAP have decided they're only going to close the magazine, keeping its "brand" alive through the various cheap TV and radio formats which have helped speed the decline of the once-mighty organ.

There's one more issue to go; The Black Type was unavailable for comment this morning.

An online scamper round a 1981 edition


Anonymous said...

Sad news indeed. I only started buying it in 1987 or thereabouts, but it was still witty and amusing at that stage.

Eleanor G

Rachel said...

I still have six of the same Thompson Twins stickers from 1984 if anyone has a Paul Weller they want to swap to finish the sticker book!

Mark said...

I have a Bruce Foxton, will that do?

Anonymous said...

Jason says: "That'll do"

Eyetie said...

Everyone should visit the Smash Hits link in the original post for a decent dose of culture shock, especially if they're under 25. It features:

* a joke lamer than Douglas Baader
* someone taking a long time to explain that they are addicted to Ultravox and Midge Ure (hopefully since cured)
* someone finding out that "if you put your forefinger on the turntable while playing OMD's "Souvenir", it sounds a lot better at a slower speed". Try that with a CD, sonny Jim.
* someone bemoaning the £16 they spent going to and from an Altred Images gig in Birmingham in an effort to win the weekly £5 record token.
* someone explaining why Rush are so good
* some amusing bolloc*s about Spandau Balley, Japan and Duran Duran.

Ah, the good old days.

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