Friday, February 10, 2006


It's only a couple of months since Noel Gallagher managed to get away with a pop at Jack White for selling himself to Coca-Cola, but now Oasis have taken a million dollars to plug AT&T in the US. (While we can see what's in it for the Gallaghers, we're not sure why the American phone company are interested in having such a dreadful drone wailing over the top of their adverts.) The Sun is outraged at such double dealing:

Noel... hypocrisy... OASIS have landed a £1million US ad deal — despite blasting White Stripes for taking advertisers’ cash.

Oddly, though, The Sun didn't seem quite as upset by the earlier, more pressing example of Oasis' hypocrisy on this subject, when they actually appeared in advertisement for a large stack o'cash. Perhaps, though, it's different when the ad is for The Sun's sister TV network, Sky Sports.

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