Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Although he tends to prefer being seen at Chelsea, Robbie Williams is investing some money into Port Vale, the team he grew up with.

Refreshingly, his investment in twelve blokes running round getting sweaty has made him a real-life Rasputin Jones, out of definitive football TV series Murphy's Mob. Rasputin, of course, started to sink his cash into a struggling club as his time as a pop idol started to come to an end, It can surely only be a matter of time before Williams opens the rollerdisco next door to the ground.


will said...

Why is it, that such a HUGE Port Vale fan, has such a exective box at Stamford Bridge? What a fat gay tosser he really is>

boggr said...

Does Port Vale have executive boxes? And since when have they been allowed to field 12 players? Maybe he meant 12 sweaty men in the showers...

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