Thursday, February 02, 2006

a small anti-advertisement about BT's poor customer service

If we could just step off topic for a moment or two, we'd like to apologise if we disappear for stretches at a time; this is purely due to the dreadful service provided by BT Broadband and the almost satirical level of customer service that they provide. We've spent ten hours on the phone to various people at the nation's supposed premier communications company, and all they have succeeded in doing is reneging on a promise to provide broadband service from yesterday evening, completely failed to respond at all to enquiries about why the supposed fallback dial-up isn't working, and arbitrailly rescheduled activation for some time next week - apparently, if they fail to fulfill their end of the contract, rather than try and do it the next day, they cancel the order, and make you go back to the start, including the enforced wait of five days to ensure you're not getting "preferential treatment" from them. I really cannot stress enough that if you're looking for a broadband provider, do not even consider BT.

To just bring this back onto a musical tip, BT were once muttering about becoming a host for music download sites - this was a little bit before they attempted to build up the Dotmusic brand - btgetoutthere, we seem to recall it was called. Does anyone know what happened to that?


ian said...

RE: GetOutThere. BT switches direction on a pinhead when it comes to new media - you'll note how after they'd dropped GetOutThere, they bought dotmusic, only to sell it as an brand to Yahoo 18 months later when they changed direction again. I think if they'd just had a little faith, then GetOutThere could have been what myspace has become, and dotmusic would at least have been a bit better than what Launch is.

{Simon, you have GMail on the BT subject)

headphonesex said...

You think they're bad... try AOL.

On second thoughts. Don't.

It took them and BT together over 3 weeks to fix my broadband last year. 3 hours on the phone EVERY night. Thing is, I told them from day one... 'look someone did some work at the phone exchange. Our broadband has somehow got unplugged.'

'Have you tried reloading your modem drivers?' 'Oh, you're using a router.. we can't help you then'. 'How many lights can you see' Blah blah bloody blah.

Guess what the problem was. Yes, we'd somehow got unplugged at the exchange. Useless bastards.

As you can tell, a year on and i'm still fuming.

Anonymous said...

I fear this is becoming a temporary tech forum, but what the hey.

DON'T use NTL either. Many people on the website below will say the same thing:

Anonymous said...

switch to zen! they're ace, although a bit more expensive than normal, have great support for macs, and I've never had any problems with them. get a MAC code from BT, and switch to Zen, and it'll cost you nothing!

I used to be with Virgin, but when they got taken over by NTL, they became rubbish

there's my top tip for today anyway!

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