Tuesday, February 07, 2006


After we'd managed to re-orient our eyes (they'd got stuck rolling into the back of our head while we muttered 'is there no end to the extent of Sharon's whoring?) we started to wonder if Ozzy Osbourne's appearance in an I Can't Believe Its Not Butter advert was actually a subtle dig at the product.

The ad features Oz and Jon Culshaw doing his Oz impression making cakes or something. Could it be that - since it's always easy to tell the difference between Jon Culshaw and who he's supposed to be - the advertising agency is secretly sending a signal that You'll Be Able To Tell Quite Easily That It's Some Sort Of Margarine God Alone Knows How They Make It Boiling Chicken Bones Or Something And Absolutely Nothing Like Butter?


After finishing the shoot for the bread spread, which airs next week, Ozzy said: “I can’t tell the difference between us when I look at the ad. It really freaks me out.”

Ozzy, you're kept so topped-up on medication most of the time you probably can't tell the difference between Missy Elliot and yourself. Clearly, you've also lost the ability to differentiate between "laughing with you" and "laughing at you."

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