Friday, February 17, 2006


Oh, good grief - not only is Nelly Furtado embarking on a comeback (and the second album did transport her quite a way backwards, didn't it?), but she's roped in Chris Martin for a guest slot. Martin, apparently, did it because he wanted to work with Timbaland. Not that Furtado seems especially bothered:

"I was telling (Chris) what I was up to, and he's like 'I love Timbaland. Can I come by?' But (Timbaland's) like a big dude and Chris was scared to sit down at the keyboard. I'm like, 'Chris, sit down. Let's make some music.' I'm always the instigator."

Except in that story it sounds like Martin was the one who asked to come by, which seems to be him in the role of instigator, surely?

Still, we'd be very surprised indeed if this doesn't end up as a UK single at the very least. And not to boost Martin's profile.

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Tim Footman said...

This does raise an important issue - exactly what would the line-up be for the blandest recording session of all time? Apart from Nelly and Chris, will James Blunt and Dido be involved, humming Carole King riffs?

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