Friday, February 17, 2006


The fastest-ever sell out of T in the Park has happened, boosted by the lack of Glastonbury this year. People queued overnight to get the non-credit card tickets - a gesture to music lovers that Clear Channel might want to consider introducing for 2007:

Further back in the queue was 17-year-old Lisa Smart, who travelled from Falkirk to make sure she secured a ticket.

"If you want a ticket and you haven't got a credit card you have got to come along and buy them," she said.

"A lot of people going to T in the Park haven't got credit cards, it's a working-class event, so you need to get up to buy them. If you're not here you're not going to get them.

We're not quite sure we're convinced that "it's a working class event" so much as an event appealing to under-18s who can't apply for credit cards. But the whole "turning up at a shop to buy a ticket" might prove to be as effective a safeguard against toutery as any number of faux-security measures.

Having said that, Ebay are currently awash with tix, the average price seeming to be somewhere around the six hundred quid mark.


James W said...

Yes, but people are clearly bidding them up on purpose:

M.C. Glammer said...

Perhaps it's the unemployed who can't afford to go but have got the time to queue during the week to make some money on eBay for decent shoes. Or it's the idle rich who don't like pop music.

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