Friday, February 17, 2006


This was originally picked up by Jim at The View From Yoorp. Just a day after reporting how booming the UK music industry was, BBC News Online carried a strange perspective on Screen Digest's figures on the European entertainment industry. This should be great news for the copyright owners - flogging extra stuff, can't be bad. But instead, the story has been spun with a gloomy aspect:

But consumer spending on games and music is likely to reveal a downturn of 3% and 5% respectively. More DVDs than ever were sold last year, but a fall in prices of up to 11% meant that the level of consumer spending fell overall.

This should be seen as win-win: entertainment industry sells more stuff than ever, consumers get a better deal, surely?

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Eyetie said...

Fall in prices = fall in margin = fall in profit (assuming the base cost of the DVDs haven't changed). In the case of products like DVDs, it's rare to sell more than one to the same punter (as opposed to something like blank media) so it's even more important to maximise profits per unit, innit?

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