Thursday, February 09, 2006


We don't know if this is his first step in a plan to take on leadership of the Lib Dems, or just an attempt to try and shift his image away from being wet and rubbish, but Will Young likes girls and drugs:

"I do fancy girls - sometimes.

"I'd say that every once in a year and a half, I'll get a moment when I think I could possibly sleep with her. And my friends always say, 'What? we don't understand'. And then I'll say, 'It's fleeting.' "

No, no, Will - sleeping with people is a verb beginning with F, but it's not fleeting. Well, sometimes it is, but you can get pills which help with that.

Oh, yes: Drugs:

"I don't do hard drugs but I do smoke weed. Oh no, that's bad. But I do."

Goodness. He really is a little Zoo reader on the quiet, isn't he?

(Clue: No.)

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Eyetie said...

Shock news: musician accepts he's not 100% ****sexual.

Shock news II: musician admits to occasional dope use.

Shock news III: musician resorts to the weakest form of tabloid scandal which wouldn't shock even the Daily Mail.

Shock news IV: I'm actually thinking of Will Young as a musician.

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