Sunday, March 05, 2006


Some curiously old-fashioned news from San Bernardino, where a Punk all-dayer featuring British bands (including GBH and the Addicts) turned into some sort of a riot, complete with police running away.

The rioting began when police responded to a report of a stabbing at the National Orange Show Events Center concert. When officers arrived, the crowd became agitated and several fights broke out, forcing the officers to back off, Lindsey said.

After backup arrived, the officers went in again and extracted the stabbing victim and another person who was beaten, Lindsey said. But the violent crowd forced officers to withdraw again.

With additional backup, including Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies and Fontana police, officers lined up in phalanx formation to clear the streets and they fired pepper balls and tear gas to move the crowd, Lindsey said.

Good lord... it doesn't take three police forces and tear gas to get a bunch of punks to disperse. They should have just sent for Rick Wakeman or some wizard's hats. Failing that, a large glitter ball. The appearance of anything disco usually leads punks to disappear.

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Anonymous said...

Figures this would happen at a show of has-beens and losers...less than 10 miles from where Sharon Osbourne did her whole "I was too stupid to listen to Iron Maiden's stage banter before I hired them and now I'm pissed so I had my fat daughter and her friends egg them while they where on stage" fiasco.The Inland Empire is true proof that rock is not only dead, but that its rotten and gone. Its surprising the "punks" made it through all the gang bangers and their "bling-bling" flashing crap SUVs to even GET to the gig in the first place....Time to cue up Johhny Hickman's "San Bernardino Boy" one last time...

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