Wednesday, March 08, 2006


The nasty bit of business with all the drugs in New York has been sorted, with George admitting wasting police time and agreeing to undertake drugs rehab. Splendidly, he's not going to have to do his rehab in New York, but in Wiltshire - although presumably he won't be able to phone his community service in (he's doing five days of that and paying a $1000 fine):

The judge said to Mr O'Dowd: "You are admitting to me the following ... you called the police, you summoned them to your apartment by dialling 911 and reported that your apartment had been burglarised when in fact you knew your apartment had not been burglarised."

We're not sure why - if the drugs weren't, as George claimed, his - he has to have drugs rehab, but let's let that one go, shall we?