Wednesday, March 08, 2006


How fair are the magistrates at the Thames Court? They appear to have based their judgement on how Pete Doherty has been doing on his community order on evidence presented rather than on what they might have read in the newspapers:

Speaking to Doherty, Magistrate McIvor explained: "It seems as if his (Doherty's) determination is increasing, it is going well but it takes a lot of determination. The order is for 12 months and I expect very results by the next review."

Although the singer had tested positive for drugs during recent tests on February 23 and 28 which he must undergo as part of his order, the results had been lower than expected.

Doherty's back in court tomorrowon the charges linked with the stolen car in Birmingham incident.

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Dora said...

I love how failing two drug tests and being arrested in possession of class A's is 'making good progress'...

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