Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Anti-abortionist activists are strange people, aren't they? They seem to have realised that waving around forty-year old pictures of foetuses and claiming they took them this week, in a hospital bin, and screaming at frightened fifteen year old girls might make them look more horrific than the supposed evil they're railing at.

So now, they're fighting abortion by, erm, making a statue of a naked Britney Spears giving birth to her son. We're not sure what the wolf head is meant to be doing there.

Apparently unaware there's currently a massive legal battle going on at the heart of which is Spears' insistence she isn't a sexbomb, the "artist" Daniel Edwards thinks this is how Britney would love to be seen:

"I don't think she would be angry at the nudity of the work - she has herself appeared in public nearly naked through her pop career and this work is in step with the public image she has created for herself.

"It was an inspired decision to choose Britney for my work.

"She is a beautiful woman and was in the middle of a beautiful pregnancy.

"The image from behind of the kneeling pose is very strong so I felt the front of the sculpture needed an equally powerful image which is where the bearskin rug comes in."

Oh, it's a bear, is it? And it's an image as powerful as Britney's swinging mimsy, you say? Oddly, there aren't very many bear porn fakes online which would seem to argue against that.

"Not only is it a traditional symbol - the newborn baby on the bear-rug, but the dead skin represents the end of the circle of life."

He added: "The sculpture is an idealized version of Britney. She is very versatile and these are all the different forms of her face.

"I started the work a couple of weeks after Britney gave birth to Sean and finished within two months."

As long as two months, eh? Presumably most of that would have been - ahem - research.