Friday, March 10, 2006


I read the news today, oh boy
about an auction lot that was withdrawn
althought the sheet was authentic
it still failed to sell
you just can never tell
now they know there is a line that lennon fans will just not cross

priced up,
the man said
"mill and a half, right on the head"
so they put A Day
In The Life in the sale
couldn't believe a Lennon
lot would ever fail...


Billy said...

Your link isn't quite right - it goes to a story about Michael Jackson.

simon h b said...

Ah... at the risk of sounding a little Gloria Swanson: the link was right, it's the website which changed.

The Daily Snack overwrite their pages - I've changed the link to a more solid one on BBC News

Eyetie said...

Just in case no-one else appreciated your poetic wit, here's thanks from me for making the effort! Have a good weekend!

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