Friday, March 10, 2006


We had started to hope that Travis had either gone away or else become so bland they'd stuck records out without us, or anyone else, noticing, but it seems they were just gathering their forces for another new album.

What is quite sweet is they've decided to record in London so they're not too far away from their families during the long process of recording (write a song, record a song, hope people don't notice it sounds the same as all the others, repeat fifteen times, do an ironic cover of a pop tune for one of the b-sides, go home.)


dr entropy said...

I thought travis had realised everyone was getting bored of them, so in some hideous genetic mutant way, morphed themselves into coldplay so they could sell the same records all over again while pretending to be a new band.

ian said...

How dare you sully the name of dadrock like this...

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