Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Forward Russia are about to cause keyboard problems for typographers the length and breadth of the nation as they headline a tour about:

York, Fibbers – April 16
Aberdeen, Kef – 17
Edinburgh, Cabaret Voltaire – 18
Preston, 53 Degrees – 23
Stoke, Sugarmill – 26
Northampton, Soundhaus – 28
Tunbridge Wells, Forum – 29
Bedford, Esquires – 30
Southend, Chinnerys – May 2
Reading, Fez Club – 3
Aldershot, West End Centre – 5

We kiss Forward, Russia. But we're not going to give ourselves RSI doing the upside-down exclamation point business.


tsncentre said...

That Katie's playing in Preston on the night of my birthday gig. She is officially in my bad books.

damian said...

You can cheat anyway by using a little 'i'

iForward Russia!

See. It's ace.

tsncentre said...

you forgot the comma.

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