Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Clearly tired of looking like some freaky seven stone weakling, Michael Jackson is using his time staying as the guest of potentates working out, in order to look like a freaky nine stone weakling. We're not sure why he's building up muscles - perhaps he needs them to be injected into his face or something.

It must be all these push-ups and so on which seem to have once again stalled the Katrina benefit single: although he says he's still putting the finishing touches to it and we're certainly not going to contradict him now that he's built.


Anonymous said...

At least, if he goes to the gym you won't have to worry about MJ hogging the sunbed.

Anonymous said...

As a bit of a gymrat myself, I have to congratulate Michael, but I must sound a note of caution- he must be sure to keep an eye on his posture and and technique if he doesn't want to further damage his back, which was clearly giving him much pain during his tri...


Er, try to make sure those white doves don't get caught in the a/c Michael.


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