Wednesday, March 08, 2006


We were prepared to give Geri a chance as a mother, but, frankly, the news that she's singing to the kid is making us wonder if social services should just pop round. She's singing Carpenters songs, too:

“Apparently a baby is sensitive to sound from the fifth month, so I’m already singing Carpenters’ ballads like Masquerade to it.

“I’m also singing a song with the lyrics: ‘The loneliness goes . . . when two people can dream a dream together.’”

Oh good, so the poor kid isn't even born yet and you're reinforcing the societal norm that you're nothing if you're not in a relationship. Where is that quote from, anyway? Is Geri just singing those inspirational posters at her kid? "Wonderful things happen/ when we work together/ a mountain peak is high so we get a clearer view..."

Geri, 33, vowed NOT to sing any hits by her former band, adding: “Children will never think their parents are cool.”

Actually, Geri, they do. If their parents are cool.

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Eyetie said...

Geri has spent too much time in the US and, like the attitude towards the Guantanamo guests (well, they weren't invited but they haven't been charged with anything), obviously doesn't think that the Geneva Conventions' prohibitions against torture applies to her baby.

When the poor thing is born, it will already be screaming both in protest and trying to drown out mummy's voice.

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