Monday, March 06, 2006


Madonna thinks we might have forgotten that time she kissed Britney Spears, so has decided to mention it again:

Madonna revealed that after the kiss Lourdes told her: "Mom, you know that they say you are gay?"

Madonna kissed Britney during a performance at the MTV Awards a few years ago.

According to The Sun she told Lourdes: "I am the mommy pop star and she is the baby pop star. I am kissing her to pass my energy on to her."

This is fascinating. Apart from the fact that it's not true anyway ("Britney is the successful pop star; I am kissing her to try and suck her energy into my tired old haunches"), her explanation isn't even true in the context of Madonna's world. That wasn't what she was doing, and so effectively Madonna appears to be saying 'since there is no way I'd want my child to even think I might be slightly gay, it's better to lie to her.' Great parenting. We wonder how she explains away Guy Ritchie's films.

What's even more puzzling is how Lourdes - famously deprived television and newspapers - actually knows about the kiss.

Meanwhile, Madonna - who hasn't yet found time to offer a response to the staff at her Kabbalah Centre's interesting view of the holocaust - has made time to keep the feud going with Elton John:

"He did send me a letter apologising for his last outburst, right before his wedding. But he seems to be angry. I seem to have become a target. It's not very gentlemanly or gracious."

Whereas, of course, rejecting a well-meant apology is the most gracious thing you can do.

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Anonymous said...

And god knows who she heard saying that they thought Madonna was "gay", as opposed to a "publicity hunting old scrag who was exploiting the tabloid medias obsession with lipstick lesbianism". And isn't Lourdes supposed to be the most precocious intellectual little child prodigy ever? So surely above an explanation involving the words "mummy pop star and baby pop star"?

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