Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Hah! They think they can trick Robbie Williams, do they? Try to get him to appear in photos with some bloke with a twinkle in his eye and a floral shirt. Can you imagine the headlines?

So Robbie Williams isn't going to see Nelson Mandela when he plays South Africa. This is being played as a snub, although it doesn't sound like there's been an invite for him to snub, to be honest:

“Mr Mandela’s spokesman said he doubted if he knew who Robbie was.”

To be honest, we wouldn't be that surprised if Williams doesn't know who Mandela is - "wasn't he one of the characters on Only Fools and Horses?" - and we can't but imagine Nelson has better things to do than trump down to take part in another tour promoting photo op.

Now, as you know, we're not that fond of Williams, but The Sun seems to be a little unfair when it gets on to his rider:

The source also revealed Robbie’s wacky demands for his gigs.

They include SIX rooms for him and his band.

His room must have soft toilet paper, four packs of cigarettes, four ashtrays, two full-length mirrors, water melon, honeydew melon and ordinary melon, chocolate and peppermint drops.

Is it just us or is that not especially wacky? He's got quite a big touring band, so six rooms doesn't seem that outrageous at the sort of venue he's playing, and a mirror would come in handy if you're about to go on stage dressed up as a pratty clown or something, surely?

Okay, we notice he's insisting on having a pair of big melons, because he likes pairs of melons, like breasts, like ladies have, oooh, women, but it's hardly as if he's asking to have a bowl full of m&ms with all the little 'm's all pointing in the same direction, or wants a curry from a specific restaurant in Blackburn flown in and served in a dish shaped like a cormorant, is it?

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Anonymous said...

Have you got the address of the curry place that dishes shaped like cormorants? Sounds cool!

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