Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Despite apparently not doing too badly for someone attempting to carve out a musical career as an afterthough alongside wearing miniskirts, it seems Colombia wasn't that bothered when Jessica Simpson "decided" to take her contract elsewhere.

Simpson has joined the downward spiral at Epic, with a slightly vomitty statement:

"I love all my friends and supporters at Columbia. I will miss them as I start this new relationship."

It's not quite as thrilling as it seems - both labels are part of Sony-BMG (they even break consumer's computers in exactly the same way) and she's just following the boss:

“Charlie Walk was my first hero at Columbia. He believed in me before I really even got to meet the rest of the company.

"I couldn’t think of anyone I would trust more than Charlie to present my new music to the world. Epic is in a new place with a new leader. It just seems the right place for me as I begin my new journey.”

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