Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Hey, if we told you that Robbie Williams has supposedly moved in someone who used to play a footballer on TV, it'd be your conclusions you'd be drawing, not ours. Apparently, he's now recreating Kelly Monteith's 'girlfriend in a bachelor pad' moment with Marsha Thomson, who was Shazza in Playing The Field.

Friends are on hand to be helpful:

friends claim their relationship is "moving up a gear."

They said: "All I can say is - Robbie definately isn't gay.

"Robbie has committed the cardinal sin and fallen for a friend. They've been mates for ages but have always socialised in a big group, until Marsha began staying at his house.

"They began enjoying each other's company and realised their feeling for each other are a lot more than just good friends."

We love that even the anonymous friends feel the need to slip in that Robbie isn't gay there. We make this the second relationship that Robbie is supposedly having at the moment, which must make him quite a busy boy indeed.


Anonymous said...

Well, I'm convinced. Sounds like you are too.

Anonymous said...

First; Her name is Marsha Thomason, and not Marscha Thomson (better prepare your research, before you post) and do not take anything in gossip life for granted!
Second; Mr. Williams is not gay, although in the past he enjoyed to make jokes about it, for the sake of ppl like you, who believe in these gossips so easily.

simon h b said...

Yes, anonymous, you're right - Robbie Williams is not gay, that's the title of the post - see, up there?

Although actually, he doesn't enjoy making jokes about it, does he? He went to court to have it made clear that he isn't gay, which is hardly having a sense of humour about being thought gay. We really, genuinely, couldn't give a McVities Penny wafer about who he finds sexually attractive; we are, however, curious about a man who feels its such an insult to be considered even slightly gay that he starts issuing lawsuits.

And our apologies for getting the name of a woman we've never heard of slightly wrong (we went with the name as it appeared in the Chartsingles website we linked to; not, perhaps, New Yorkers standards of fact-checking, but then we are pretty rip-and-read round here). Although, interestingly, you got the name we used wrong as well. It's very easy to do that, isn't it?

We promise, though, if he tries to plant stories about him and Judi Dench, we will take extra care not to render her as Julie Dents.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, didn't mean to be cynical at you. I see that you are curious about a man who feels its such an insult to be considered even slightly gay that he starts issuing lawsuits, so i'll give you some information - I don't think the sunday people had anything to do with me being homophobic. I believe I'm being used as a tool for publicity, which is a shame... However.. needless to say my actions have been brought into questions. So I hope to answer some of the queeries. The bloke was an absolute minger.. take a look at him.. You'd sue. Replace the bloke in the story for a woman if it was untrue and I had grounds to sue then I would .. of course sue. What would that make me if I only sued when a story was of a heterosexual nature the inference being that I didn't want to affect my 'gay fan base?' As far as I'm concerned this whole case has nothing to do with homosexuality I'm just trying to make a stand against the media with too much power and no responsibility, I know it will have as much effect as throwing toothpicks at King Kong but they're my tootpicks and i'll throw them when I can. Anyway the most offensive bit (in which if you didn't read it was a truly evil article) was the suggestion that my whole life is a lie and that I have been dishonest and insincere whenever i've talked in public about my personel life. It has been said that the Sunday People case was about me proving that I'm straight... to be honest that's the last thing I wanted. I love the fact that there's a question mark hanging over my sexual preference. It's done no harm to Mick Jagger/David Bowie. I wonder if the folks who have a problem with 'the people case' have even read the article... bet they haven't. (Source - Robbie Williams weblog) Bye Simon

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