Wednesday, March 29, 2006


ROC - as we've previously established, they're back, back, etc - are playing London's Barfly in Camden, London this Saturday, April 1st, as part of Transmission.

If you can't wait, they're also djing at the Spiky Records party - "Friday 30th" we're informed, which seems to suggest either a temporal fold or someone having difficulty with the "thirty days have September..." mnemonic; check with the venue, Redstar in Camberwell to avoid turning up either too soon or too late. (Incidently, we'd love to hear details via the comments section of any time you have missed a gig by 24 hours or more...)

Oh, and the bands first two albums are available on iTunes - search on R. O. C. for the first, and Roc virgin for the second. Apple: computers with a mind the size of a planet, and they still can't sort out their databasing.

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