Thursday, March 30, 2006


To a certain extent, Noel Gallagher has a point when he has pop at The Rolling Stones:

"The Stones said that every time they put out an album they think it's their best and they can't understand why people don't take the new records as seriously as the old ones.

"Well, you're old age pensioners. By all means make records and go on tour, because if people want to see you, fine, but don't expect to be taken seriously. Your best work is behind you."

However, let's take a look at the two bands, shall we?

Ten years into releasing music, The Rolling Stones came up with Angie.

Three years into their releases, Oasis had already been reduced to D'You Know What I Mean?

After fifteen years of making records, the Rolling Stones were still three years shy of making Start Me Up.

Four years into their career, Oasis were reduced to sticking out a b-sides collection.

The twentieth year of working, the Rolling Stones did Undercover. Admittedly, they've done nothing worth bothering with since.

Oasis marked their tenth anniversary by scrapping an album because when they played it to the audience at Glastonbury, they were laughed back to the studio.

Yes, The Stones have run out of steam. But Oasis? They only ever had but a single puff.


M.C. Glammer said...

To be fair, in the 27 years since Some Girls they were bound to get a Start Me Up or maybe even the clever ambiguity of Mick's horny love-throb as a rage against South American military law. The sex police? Yeah, beat that, Oasis.

Anonymous said...

Opinions are just that...opinions. Everyone has one! The Stones can continue to write,record, and perform their style of music as long as they can and/or will. It really is no-ones business outside of their group. If someone does'nt like it, they do not have to listen.My opinion is this...I like them and will continue to buy their products as long as I want to.I still think that they are the Worlds Greatest Rock and Roll band in the world. Noel Gallager can kiss my arse.

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