Thursday, March 30, 2006


There is a possiblity that Electric Six retain some purpose - we suspect a professor somewhere might be using them right now to demonstrate the concept of diminshing marginal returns - but even Dick Valentine seems to realise the game's up for that one and is dipping a toe in the solo market with a UK tour.

Relax, though, he's still going to do the E6 hits. Plural, says the story here. The tour dates are so spectacularly half-arsed not only are some of the venues yet to be announced, one day he's not even decided which town he'll be in:

28 April - Middlesbrough, Cornerhouse
29 - Darlington/Hartlepool, venue TBC
30 - York, Fibbers (JD Lounge show, afternoon set)
4 May - Glasgow, Barfly
7 - Cardiff, venue TBC
8 - Liverpool, Barfly
9 - Manchester, Blue Cat Cafe
10 - Birmingham, venue TBC
11 - London, Islington Bar Academy
13 - Hull, Adelphi

We hope Darington and Hartlepool get to battle it out for the honour, like some It's A Knockout contest. Perhaps Arun should be invited, too. We think their legendary flasher would fit in rather well.

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