Saturday, April 29, 2006


Following on from yesterday's Sun photos of Doherty apparently injecting an unconscious woman with heroin, they've got his uncle on to demand he gets sent down. The possibly self-styled favourite uncle, Philip Michels, tells the paper:

“Why the courts haven’t thrown him in jail yet is beyond me. I hope they are as disgusted by these pictures as me and next time he is in court throw him in jail for at least a year. It’s for his own good if he is ever going to get off heroin.”

It's not entirely that clear-cut, though, is it? There's an argument that sending an addict to prison is like sending a piggy to an apple farm - it's going to feed rather than cure - and although the pictures don't look good, there's a lot of questions about what they actually show: is he injecting the woman? Is she actually unconscious? When were they actually taken?

As if to prove the point that pictures of drug addicts might not always be what they seem, The Sun brings in Pauline Holcroft:

Pauline Holcroft, 56, mum of heroin victim Rachel Whitear, 21, condemned the star.

Rachel was pictured dead on the floor of a bedsit in Exmouth, Devon six years ago.

Pauline said: “Doherty’s behaviour is just sick.”

Rachel, you'll remember, is the cautionary tale whose photo was circulated as evidence of how awful heroin addcition and death from self-inflicted overdose is, before it became clear that the pictures didn't tell the whole story.

Perhaps we should find out what we're looking at before we convict Pete. Perhaps.

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Claire said...

Perhaps we should find out what we're looking at before we convict Pete. Perhaps.
Thank you.

Pete's response:'make+you+out+to+be+a+tearawau'

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