Saturday, April 29, 2006


Poor, misunderstood Jennifer Lopez. She's not, you know, some driven autobot trying to create cash everywhere. She's just creative:

“I think some people see me laughing, having a good time and think, 'Oh, she's so ambitious and everything,' but the thing is that I'm just a creative person.

“I think people believe I'm driven by the money things and all that stuff.
“They get it so mixed up that they forget that I started doing it because I love to perform.”

It's true - who can forget the young Lopez used to market her own ranges of perfume and jeans back when she was 18, just for the hell of it? Now, everyone thinks that Glow by J-Lo is a money-grubbing attempt to spin an extra buck out of her fame, but she's always signed off perfume lines, dammit.

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