Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Apparently in the hope of pulling a Chantelle, ITV have decided to allow people into Celebrity Love Island this time round who aren't actually Celebrities.

Not too different from what they did last time, then, when they had Paul Danan on.

As an indication, here are two people being considered for the new series. One is a "celebrity", one a "non-celebrity". Can you tell which is which?

Keeley Hazell
Amanda Harrington

Well done if you spotted Keeley Hazell, who is a topless model, and as such "famous", while Amanda is merely a bikini model and "not famous." So, at last we've finally managed to boil down where the thin line between fame and obscurity now lies: if people have seen your nipples, you're famous.

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Anonymous said...

But didn't Chantelle appear topless before Celebrity BB?

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