Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Warrne Mitchell is being forced out his own home by Ronan Keating. Sadly, it's not down to Keating turning up like Nicholas Van Whatsisface and throwing his furniture around - what a story that would be. No, it's just Mitchell lives too near Kenwood House:

“It’s just an organised piss-up. We plan to move away over the summer.

“It’s awful. As well as noise from the concerts, there’s some terrible MC making inane comments, disturbing the peace.

“You can’t sit in the garden at all and simply contemplate nature. Our little dog has to hide under the bed.”

The Kenwood House people find it impossible to believe the distant droning of Ronan Keating is anything other than a boon to local property prices:

A Kenwood House spokesman said: “The concerts give huge pleasure to a lot of people, including many residents.”

Although, obviously, it helps if you like Ronan Keating. As by definition, then you'd be very easily pleased indeed.

So, MItchell is thinking of moving. And, as we know, moving is upsetting. It's a great upsetment. People get upset...

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