Wednesday, April 19, 2006


This person - playing fast and loose with the risk of bird flu - is Laura Imbruglia.

As you might expect with the surname, yes, she is a relation. Sister of Natalie, in fact. And, as you'd expect from that, yes, she's recorded an album all of her own.

Are there any more at home like her?


acb said...

She has been around for some years, and has been a proudly independent singer-songwriter, doing acoustic gigs in small venues, writing her own material and refusing to ride on her sister's commercial coat-tails. So unless that has changed recently, the Dannii comparison is not entirely apt.

simon h b said...

It might not be totally fair, but that could be because Nat's coat-tails don't give as comfortable a ride:

She hints that there are some special guests on the record but doesn’t go as far as mentioning is they are her sister Natalie or her brother-in-law Daniel Johns.

It looks a little like she's tired of doing acoustic gigs in small venues...

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