Thursday, April 20, 2006


Let's hope the decision by Mandy Moore to evict her own parents isn't the sort of choice which comes back round to bite you at some sort in the future. We understand that pa and ma Moore aren't exactly enfeebled right now, so it's not exactly granny dumping, but it's still an attitude cold enough you could serve vodka out the back of it:

“My parents moved in with me, I’m very close with my family.

“But the time came when I actually had to kick my parents out - because it’s my house!

“So I had to have the awkward talk with them like, ‘I think it’s about time you guys moved back to Florida,’ which is where I grew up.

“Not only did they lose me, they lost my younger brother who was going to live with me as well, and stay in the house.

“They became homeless and empty-nesters at the same time.”

Oh, the hilarity, Mandy. You should have told them not to call, too. Or ran after them as they struggled down your driveway carrying suitcases yelling "why are you crying? Lindsay Lohan got her dad chucked in jail..."

Mandy Moore is unlikely to be able to borrow her parent's car this weekend, and will need a ride to Dairy Queen.

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the king is here said...

haha.thats well harsh!im just in school doin science stuff but i saw this and felt compelled to comment it!stupid mandy!haha.u shuda asked for some money first!then u cuda got some money outa it!haha

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