Thursday, April 20, 2006


Well, that's us proven wrong, then. We'd assumed that the Sharon Osbourne ITV chat show would be moribund, but it sounds like the pilot was lively. Only because there were dogs everywhere running around out of control:

Sharon, 53, began by introducing Crufts champ Richard Curtis and his “heelwork to music” dog Disco.

But Sharon’s pooch Minnie growled menacingly when she met the Portuguese Fighting Dog.

And when Graham Norton turned up with his “trained” labradoodle Bailey, it leapt all over the sofa — and barked throughout the interview.

ITV - which is more or less lumbered with doing something with Osbourne - is putting on a brave face:

A show insider said the show — also with X Factor winner Shayne Ward — was “typical Sharon ... outrageous and fun”.

With a lot of uncontrolled yapping.

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