Tuesday, April 25, 2006


As part of what may be a plan to just swamp Germany's defence with so many substandard world cup songs they get confused and forget to stop England scoring, The Sun has got one, too.

It's a reworking of Bud Flanagan's Who Do You Think You Are Kidding, Mr Hitler, which was used as the theme for Dad's Army. Now, maybe evoking images of the last, creaking line of defence of brave but elderly men might be appropriate, but... oh, god, can we get past the bloody Second World War?

The track has been reworked to be "about" the cup - Hitler has been replaced by Jurgen Klinsmann. Do you see?

Shamefully, though, Geoff Hurst has got himself involved in the whole sorry farrago. He really should know better.


Anonymous said...

Shame that "Who Do you Think..." wasn't by Bud Flanagan - it was written especially for "Dad's Army"...as the writers have been at pains to point out for many, many years now.

simon h b said...

Bud Flannagan sang it, although it was, as you say, co-written by Jimmy Croft.

Arthur Lowe released a cover version of it, interestingly enough. He never did that with the theme from Potter, did he?

Cob said...

The scary thing is that the win was far closer to the War than it is to the present day. Hell, it was even BEFORE Dad's Army started!

England probably won't even face the Germans this time, either. Perhaps they'd be better focusing their energies beating Sweden, Paraguay and T & T first...

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