Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Last night, Kevin Federline launched his comedy rap album with a glittering - okay, slightly reflective - do at Ceasar's Palace. Caeser's Palace, of course, is a place synonomous with ridiculous and costly gambles, so it was the perfect place.

Britney didn't turn up, which the Spearsologists are taking as a sign that the marriage is in trouble. Although, to be honest, not turning up to watch your husband make a tit of himself is surely a kindness, not a snub?

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thensheappeared said...

I never imagined i'd feel at one with Britney over anything but I felt a sisterly shudder when reading this. My husband keeps going on about doing stand up and writing stuff for comedians and then comes out with dreadful, un-funny, Russ-Abbot type stuff. Thank the Lord he doesn't have the time or the impetus to actually do something about it. Sometimes being supportive means sticking your fingers in your ears and going 'la la la' which is what Britters should've done when he dreamed this up.

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