Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Some of you might think Jonathan Davis from Korn is little more than an inarticulate buffoon. As, indeed, he is. But even inarticulate buffoons are worried about US politics:

"I'm extremely concerned with how conservative America is. America was built on the people having the freedom to do what they want, and it just seems like the Christian right wants to take over and take away everyone's rights on things like abortion and just everything. It's just so fucking conservative it's ridiculous! I mean, I love Europe and I love Australia, places that seem freer to me. People freak out about movies from Europe and pornography, but people should be free to do the fuck what they wanna do and speak what they wanna speak. America has got a lot of fucked-up stuff going on right now. Fucking stupid religious people have gotten power and are trying to change things to the way they like 'em. It's so fucking retarded."

Apparently, when asked if he agreed with Davis' view that his US was "fucking retarded", George W Bush responded "takes one to know one." Thereby being the first time in his political career Bush has ever managed to elevate a discourse.

The "and" in the bit about "movies from Europe and pornography" is puzzling - we know the religious right is a strange beast, but have they really been organising burnings of Mr Hulot's Holiday? "The hardcore pornography is bad enough, but now the Europeans are sending us Manon Des Sources, totally uncensored..."

Despite the fact he can barely string a sentence together, Davis is now on the shortlist for the Democratic nomination for the 2008 race.

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