Friday, April 21, 2006


Pink Grease have split. A little, anyway, with the departure of Stuart:

"And now, alas, for some sad news. For those unaware of it already it is my sad duty to inform you that our paisley bass-toting rock god Stu has left the band to seek his fortune in the real world. So now we are five! All the parts on the album are his, however. Many a tear has been shed but believe us, Stuart fans, it was the most amicable of splits. His artistic spirit is too wayward and independent to be confined to a mere band, even one such as this. So the rest of the year is dedicated to him and all the good times we've had together. Check out to see what he's been up to since, including an amazing selection of his paintings. We miss you, Stu!"

We can't remember if he was the cute one or not.

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