Thursday, April 20, 2006


Richard Monroe II (don't worry if missed Richard Monroe I, you'll soon pick up the story) tried to get on stage with Snoop Dogg during a show at the White River Ampitheatre in Seattle. Now, Monroe believed he'd been invited on stage by Snoop as part of an open invitation. Snoop's bodyguards, though, hadn't heard of any such invite - or perhaps had failed to recognise that "comizzle on stizzle everybizzle" meant that.

Anyway, as Monroe attempted to give a friendly hug to Dogg, the bodyguards pulled him off and - he claims - beat him and stomped on him for a rather precise sounding 35 seconds. After which Snoop and the other rappers joined in. Now, Monroe wants $20million in compensation.

Of course, whichever side is in the right here will have plenty of witnesses to back them up.

Snoop's people, Meredith O'Sullivan, doesn't actually deny it, but does suggest that Monroe might want to think again:

"Any person who jumps onstage at a concert has to be interpreted as a security threat and an immediate risk. ... Once breach of security has been made, authorities are forced to take the proper measures."

We guess with Snoop's rep, Monroe was lucky to get out alive.

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Darren H said...

"...the bodyguards pulled him off..."

tee hee, heeheehee...

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