Thursday, April 20, 2006


Having been fired by CBS after describing people having sex in St Patricks Cathedral, New York, Opie and Anthony have been given a second chance. The reason CBS is prepared to risk their return is, it seems, nothing can be as bad as Dave Lee Roth's breakfast show.

CBS hoped Roth would be a fitting replacement for Howard Stern, but battles over formats and Roth's, uh, interesting style behind the microphone made him something less than a hit. Apparently, now Viacom have decided it's all over bar the unseemly haggling about buying him out of his contract.

Back on this side of the Atlantic, Chris Evans' takeover of the drivetime slot on Radio 2 has led to a small smattering of complaints from people who don't like his kind of thing, which in turn has prompted the Daily Mail to cut and paste a bunch of whines from the Radio 2 messageboard:

Another listener complained: "Am I supposed to let it all wash over me and blindly accept it as entertainment?

That's the Daily Mail, then, reporting some message board postings as if it was news.

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