Monday, April 17, 2006


There's a curious story on the front on the Sun today: a bloke was stood outside Charlotte Church's house; her boyfriend rugbybloke thingy went up and asked him if he was a press photographer. He wasn't. This, then, can only mean one thing: he's a mysterious nutter:

Welsh international hero Gavin said later: “He’d been out there for ages. We could see him from the house. I asked him if he was a photographer, but he said no. He wouldn’t explain why he was there. I asked him if he was a fan but he said no.

“He refused to make eye contact with me, just pulling his baseball cap over his face.

“I asked him his name and he said ‘John’. When I said, ‘John who?’ he replied nonchalantly, ‘John Scott’.

Now, of course, it is possible this was a strange and frightening man looking to pull a Dando, and you can understand the couple not wanting a bloke hanging around outside their home. But "refusing to make eye contact" with a big bloke who's looming over you demanding to know who you are isn't actually a crime, and if hanging around outside a celebrity's house is automatically a sign of something more sinister than a desperate lack of hobbies then there should be a large number of people getting treatment right now.

What makes this even more curious is what happened next:

Gavin asked Sun man James Bennett to snap the nut and rang cops.

Our snapper chased after him and found him hiding in a nearby post office. He took the photo seen below and handed a copy to police, who are investigating.

Investigating what, exactly? Because if this bloke is a "nut" simply because he was hanging around outside Charlotte Church's house hoping for a glimpse of her, what does that make James Bennett, who was, erm, hanging around outside her house hoping for a glimpse of her? Would "James Scott" have ceased to have been a "nut" if he'd been getting paid to stand outside there?

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